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Emma is a Music Educator, Sound Healer, Dance Therapist and The Self Expression Specialist who, in her playshops, programs, retreats and keynote/guest presentations and professional development sessions utilises the power of sound, silence, stillness and movement to promote personal and planetary healing, harmony and wellbeing.

With a beautiful voice and in her own unique holistic style, Emma facilitates her work with warmth, humour and compassion, creating a sacred, safe and sensual space for experiencing new levels of Self expression through group singing and music making.
A dynamic and engaging facilitator, Emma offers a range of creative healing arts programs in Sunshine Coast/Hinterland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and further for individuals and groups. Please call Emma for further information on how she can contribute to your team / group / organisation.

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Janette Guiliano

eco eccentric


Shop 3 Sandgate Arcade
Cnr Brighton Road and Second Avenue
Sandgate 4017

0432 369 821





After many years of being a stay at home mum, I decided to create a business that is a reflection of my interest in natural fibres and ethical living. Utilising my experience in advertising and my degree in Anthropology, ‘eco eccentric’ in Brisbane was born.


It is a shopping experience you won’t forget. There is an abundance of bamboo and cotton labels, with many colour options. The clothing is very stylish and affordable. Homewares are unique and funky!!


People are tired of the boredom and repetition of the large shopping centres and are looking for a connection to the production process. All of my labels and designers have a strong ethical relationship to the villagers or manufacturers; there are no sweatshops involved and I pursue the right type of suppliers.


Having the shop allows me to feel I am contributing to the empowerment of women in many rural and marginalised communities, worldwide. In doing this women are creating their own income and relief from dependency.


Currently I am developing my own online webshop and also designing my own line of bamboo sportswear. In the future, I would like to travel to Burma to source the unique and ethical, and indulge myself in the culture.


See ya instore.


Reema Naresh

Radiant Inside Out

0431 533 947




Reema Naresh

B. Sci. Psych. Hon, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Life Style Practitioner

Reema is enthusiastic about all things related to wellness and getting our minds and bodies working in synergy to give us the best possible experience in our day to day moments. She runs workshops and consults one on one.

She is passionate about connected and healthy living. She runs interactive workshops to inspire people to learn about self-care, create nutritious meals and explore ways to nourish the body and mind. Reema uses her knowledge of Ayurvedic spices, herbs, massage, yoga and storytelling to create an enriching learning environment.

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Karen Martheze

Ironwood Cottage

07 3869 4548

8 Hancock Street, Sandgate


Business Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm
Ironwood Cottage

Ironwood Cottage provides a wide range of organic and whole foods: bulk and pre-packed nuts, seeds, legumes, dried & glace fruit, cereals, flour, sugars, honey, tahini, spices, herbal teas, protein powders. Also specialty sour dough & gluten free breads; organic dairy and non-dairy milk, cheese and yoghurt; fermented food & drinks, household & skin care products, supplements, snacks, baked goods and gifts.Owner, Karen Martheze and her staff are a wealth of knowledge regarding natural foods.

Lea Schodel







Lea is a financial adviser, yoga teacher and a writer. She is also founder of a social enterprise called Wellthy and the program The mindful wealth movement which delivers online training, workshops and Mind Body Wealth retreats for women to learn about wealth and wellbeing.

Lea’s approach to teaching combines personal finance, yogic philosophy and the principles of mindfulness, sustainability, flow and balance to help women create a more authentic and conscious relationship with money and to use money as a tool to create greater wealth, well-being and happiness in their lives. Their online program and events are designed for women to learn about money in a fun, creative and inspiring environment! +




Liz Cowan

Holistic Counsellor & Art Therapist

0424 979 260






Holistic Counselling

Hello my name is Liz Cowen and I am a holistic counsellor and art therapist.

I use a combination of talk therapy, body psychotherapy and art therapy to assist my clients with challenges in their life. These techniques can help bring insight, direction and clarity to presenting issues and this in turn often has a flow on effect that increases self-esteem and reduces stress levels.

As a holistic counsellor I use processes that address the body, mind and spirit.  I find that art therapy allows the client to uncover what the real problem is in a relaxed and non-threatening way. I often say talk therapy is from the outside- in, and art therapy allows for the feelings on the inside to come out.

Having been a teacher for many years, both in secondary schools and primary schools, I also advocate for the young people who are often marginalised and without a voice.  I have found the key to unlocking many of their concerns and worries is through the process of Art Therapy. This process has been just as successful with adults as this allows clients to express feelings through a variety of mediums including clay, watercolour and sandplay to name a few.

I work with a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, fears, abuse, and grief.

A healthy mental and emotional wellbeing greatly contributes to a healthy physical wellbeing.

If you would like to explore holistic counselling/ art therapy techniques a little more please contact me on my mobile or e-mail.

Warm Wishes

Liz Cowen

Bachelor of Science, Advanced Diploma of Holistic Counselling, Graduated Certificate in Art Therapy, Diploma of Teaching, and Diploma of Learning Support. Member of AHHCA.

Emma Iwinska

Double Happiness Acupuncture & Wellness

0431 946 366





Doctor of Chinese Medicine


Emma is a caring and compassionate practitioner with over 15 years of clinical experience. Emma practises the gentle art of Japanese acupuncture and is highly skilled in all aspects of gynaecology, menopause & obstetric practice. Emma also has extensive experience working with chronic health problems such as autoimmune conditions, fatigue, anxiety, addictions & trauma. Emma loves working with children and is experienced in pediatric health care where she utilises her skills in the Japanese tradition of medicine to provide gentle, non-invasive and fun treatments to children of all ages.


Emma takes a holistic approach to your health care, addressing all aspects of your wellbeing. Alongside your acupuncture treatment Emma is able to prescribe you herbs, guide you in the use of dietary therapy and assist you with any lifestyle changes.


Emma is a member of the lecturing team in the Bachelor of Acupuncture Degree in Brisbane, where she has the privilege to train the next generation of acupuncture practitioners. Emma holds a Bachelor Degree of Health Science in Chinese Medicine and post-graduate qualifications in Higher Education. Emma is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and is a Nationally Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist with APRHA. Health rebates are available with most health funds.


Louise Geary

Teacher of Art of Feminine Presence TM

0423 968 112






Healer and Bodyworker

Hello, I’m Louise.
Imagine if you had the tools to boost your energy, rekindle your relationships and embody your sacred spiritual edge.Through classes, workshops or private sessions, I can help you make peace with the past and recognise the patterns that keep you stuck in the same old rut.

Karen Dickson

Clear Energy Therapies


0477 547 925






Adv. Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist, Cert. III Visual Arts


Karen’s passions revolve around health, both physical and emotional, and self-empowerment. She finds clarity and joy in journeying with others either in the field of art therapy or during bodywork sessions in Zenthai Shiatsu.
Her work is person-centred, which means it is a collaborative experience, leading to great insights, integration of those insights which leads to solutions that are meaningful and therefore easier to incorporate into your daily life to bring about change.
Karen enjoys being outdoors, loves the ocean, is beginning to learn how to surf, play djembe drums and guitar. Her other passions are drawing and painting, dancing (like no-one is watching!), singing in circle or groups and yoga/chi-gong.
Her sessions are non-judgemental, safe, confidential and person-centred. Karen believes the answers are within you and are unique for each person. She feels that being witnessed and heard in today’s busy world is a wonderful gift indeed.
Art Therapy one on one sessions are available at Womenspace, art therapy workshop dates will be advertised and Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork sessions are also available at Womenspace by appointment only.  60 and 90 minute sessions available.

Princess Lakshman

Founder and Facilitator of Healing Words Therapy

0451 977 786





Healing Words Therapy

Writing for Wellbeing


Princess is an engaging and interactive facilitator of Healing Words Therapy. Her rich life experiences and her craft of creative writing have equipped her with empathy and skills that are vital for facilitating such a therapy. She speaks 5 languages and has worked extensively with culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

By the grace of GOD she has survived a traumatic childhood, a violent marriage, depression and a brain tumour.  She dedicates her life now to social work and writing. Princess volunteers as an English teacher at South Bank TAFE and as a Mental Health Support Worker with Group61 Inc.

Princess is a qualified journalist, workshop facilitator, published author, freelance writer, social activist and a community services worker. Her debut novel, ‘The Girl Child’, was launched in 2007 in India, Australia and New Zealand. Princess was nominated for Best Screenwriter in the HotMedia Film Festival in Washington D.C, USA, for her original screenplay for a short film entitled ‘Butterfly Wings’.


529303-blue logo


Teresa Pyne


0417 198 467






I am a psychic medium with 30+ years experience and qualified Human Resources and Industrial Relations Advisor with 25 years experience dealing with people and people issues in the workplace and am based at Highvale in the lovely Samford Valley.


I have been practicing and teaching meditation, energy healing, breathing techniques and chakra balancing for over 10 years. I am trained in Mental Health First Aid, and am a Certified Soul Life Regression Facilitator and a Certified Intuitive Counsellor.  My business offers Iconic Foot Detox sessions to remove toxins from the body and help organs function correctly helping clients reach full health fast.


My aim is to teach people skills that will help them be active in life, and live healthier for longer.  My business runs workshops in meditation, connecting with spirit, healing, card reading and with my soul sister (Lesa) run a full moon drumming circle.


I have personally seen people use meditation, dance, music, correct breathing techniques and drumming as ways of staying calm, improving their health and living life to its fullest.


The business offers new age and health products – Bamboo foot detox pads;  Himalayan salt lamps, candle holders, fine & coarse salt, bath salts; incense and sage; bags, sarongs, affirmation banners; Buddha statues and candle holders; dream catchers of different sizes.


You can book for any of the services offered or products sold by my business by phoning 0417 198 467 or emailing — services available:

  • energy healing
  • chakra balance
  • combined energy healing/chakra balance session
  • foot detox
  • readings
  • Himalayan salt products
  • Incense, sage
  • Bath salts (Epsom salts / Epsom & magnesium with essential oils)
  • Bags, sarongs, affirmation banners
  • Buddha statues and other gift ideas

Betsy Mills

Life Healing Journeys

0405 450 094





For Wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit

Heart-felt Life Healing Journeys may be individual, in a group setting or on Skype.


Are you ready to journey with me and live the life you choose? Life Healing Journeys will help you find direction and take you to where you wish to go.

For Example, journey for

  • Positive change.
  • Heart Connection and Self Confidence.
  • Happiness – let your Spirit soar and fly free!
  • Life Purpose and Direction.
  • Reaching Your Potential.
  • Self-Leadership.
  • Spirit of Business.
  • Effective communication.
  • Belonging.
  • Find the Spirit of your Business (group)
  • Meditation and drumming journeys.

Life Healing Journeys provide: Shamanic Healing, Journeying, Meditation, Counselling, Life Coaching and Mentoring.

Betsy Logo.jpg

Deb C. Hill

The Drakontas Connection



0438 788 026




The Drakontas Connection 


Deborah Hill walks the shamanic path and has a passion for facilitating the wellbeing of others on all levels of being as well as for sharing the vibrations of light and sound, knowledge and healing skills.  Light and sound are medicine of the future.

Deborah is an Intuitive Healer since 2004 and Sound Healer since 2011.  Deborah is currently studying to be a Sound Practitioner through the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

The following services are provided by Deborah Hill through The Drakontas Connection:

  • Reiki/Seichim Master/Teacher
  • Karuna Ki
  • Shamanic Healing and Journeying
  • Aura Soma Light Beamer Pen Therapy
  • Sound Healing
  • Soundbaths
  • Voicebaths
  • Crystal Healing and Gridding
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Guided meditation
  • Lightbody Activation, Esoteric Acupuncture and Chakra Clearing with Selenite Swords of Light
  • Teach how to play Tibetan / Himalayan Singing Bowls


Kim Koroheke

The Conscious Lotus

0434 900 535



The Conscious Lotus

The Conscious Lotus

 Kim has the honour of being one of the Grandmothers of the ‘Australia’s Counsel of 13 Grandmothers’.  As a guide and facilitator of change, Kim helps people to find their own answers through energy awareness and energy medicine. She facilitates women’s circles and group workshops in meditation/mindfulness, reiki and personal development as well as individual sessions.  As a qualified teacher, she has been in the business of teaching, coaching and mentoring people, young and old, for over 30 years. She is a trained musician with a music degree from the Queensland Conservatorium, an NLP Master Practitioner/Coach, an accredited Flow Consultant and a Reiki Master Teacher and Access Bars Facilitator.

“I facilitate a clearing and shift in peoples energy and love to help them find sustainable and generative ways to bring balance, change and improvements to their lives so they can shine in their fullest expression and potential. I lead them to discover their greatest strengths and abilities to help them stay in their natural flow.”

In 2017, Kim will offer historical, cultural and spiritual journeys to Alice Springs and Tasmania, endeavouring to bridge understanding and cross cultural awareness with indigenous and non indigenous cultures in Australia.




Donna Thistlethwaite

Donna Thistlethwaite




07 3162 7783
0419 120 601




Principal Consultant

Donna is a passionate career coach who helps people to plan and achieve career goals. She specialises in supporting return to work and working parents to create careers that allow them to use their talents while remaining actively involved in family life.

Using counselling strategies and a range of resources, Donna helps her clients to build their self-awareness and to identify roles that align to their preferences, strengths, skills and passions. She also encourages them to identify and overcome any career barriers and introduces them to very effective job search strategies that many are not aware of.

Donna offers excellent value one on one tailored career coaching programs. She also facilitates a wonderful four session career workshop for mums thinking about returning to work. CareerSmart Mums runs quarterly at Everton Park and is very effective in improving the confidence and career planning skills of the mums who attend. It is fun, connecting and highly informative.

Whether you would like to explore career options, learn how to write a resume that will stand out, perform like a star at an interview, or access flexible job opportunities, Donna guarantees she can improve your results.

Client testimonial:

Donna assisted me with re-entering the workforce after maternity leave. Donna drew on her extensive career development experience to individualise a professional and compassionate consultancy experience that guided me in my new career direction. Donna’s emphasis on the importance of connections ultimately led me to securing my ideal role. I would highly recommend Donna for career consultancy. Lisa, Brisbane, 2015



Career_Vitality_Logo small


Monica Nebauer

Healing Touch

07 3851 1664




RN, DipAppSc(NsgEd), BAppSc(Nsg), MPhil, PhD, ACNA, HTCP

Monica Nebauer has extensive experience in teaching in health care settings and Universities, particularly in the areas of spirituality, complementary therapies, aged care, and palliative care.  She has practiced and taught energy healing for over 25 years. Monica is a qualified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor with Healing Touch Program in the USA and is a Charter Member of the Healing Touch Professional Association and International Representative on the Healing Touch Program Ethics Committee in the USA.


Jeanni Monks

Jeanni Monks




0407 324 861





Jeanni conducts astrology classes from Beginners to Advanced levels and is an empowering astrotherapist in ‘soul purpose’ horoscope consultations.  She works with flower essences and the archetypal images of the tarot with her clients/students for deep spiritual and emotional healing; and is available for one-to-one and Skype consultations, lectures, articles for magazines plus workshops.


She has a BA in Psychology, a post-graduate diploma in Education/ Counselling; Masters in Esoteric Psychology & holds the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) Practitioners’ Diploma. Jeanni is President of the QFA (Queensland Federation of Astrologers) and is an active committee member of the APA (Association of Professional Astrologers) and the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers) National Examination Board as an Examiner & is an A.A.T. (Accredited Astrology Teacher).

Kay Franks


0434 147794




Life Events

Life’s events are for celebrating and I would like to celebrate with you. It may be a marriage, naming of your child, renewal of your vows or perhaps saying goodbye to a special someone and celebrating their life.

I am Kay Franks from Life Events. I am a full-time celebrant with offices at Kedron and Maroochydore.

I believe in fresh and unique ceremonies; fun and relaxed or with a splash of spirituality. Your ceremony is designed to suit your style and your budget.

I take pleasure in creating ceremonies that are individualised and different! I craft and conduct your ceremony with you in mind – each ceremony personalised and perfected!

Each ceremony is conducted in a professional and caring manner. Everything thought of!


Linda Conyard

MGest Therapy

0402 811 742







Rainbow Atma

Holistic Stress Reduction & Trauma Recovery Centre

I help women reach their full potential in their personal and business life. What remains unresolved in our personal life will show up in our business!


Linda has created programs that have proven to make huge shifts for her clients. ‘Rediscover Your Spirit’ & ‘Unleash Your Business Potential’ are two of Linda’s programs that support you to make the change you are seeking in your life in a sustainable way. Linda has 10 years’ experience of working with amazing clients with trauma symptoms such as life limiting illnesses, depression, addiction, eating issues, suicidality, insomnia, abusive relationships and the list goes on. Linda has guided women to achieve remarkable success. Her holistic view enables her to help her clients identify their generational repeating patterns that keep them stuck and she finds the way to bring healing to the system.



Testimonial:  “I learned that we allow or things keep happening until there is healing. I reconnected with my body and listened when it spoke. I went from blame, guilt and shame to some clarity. I was able to realise what I carried wasn’t all mine and that allowed me to only carry and deal with my own guilt not that from previous generations. It was amazing, I was unaware of carrying guilt from other generations – unaware that other issues need to be healed and let go of to focus on the primary issue. It was totally amazing what came out in the constellations. I’m glad I kept my courage to come and peel back the veil to what was buried inside me. Thank you Linda for providing a safe, supportive environment to approach such a difficult subject.”


‘7 Ways to Reduce Your Stress in 7 Days’ is Linda’s free e-book which you can find at


Melissa Hare

Melissa Hare

Watsu and Aquatic Bodywork
Phone: 0401 876 253
FacebookAquatic Bodywork

My name is Melissa Hare and have been working as an Aquatic Bodyworker since 2012. I was introduced to this wonderful therapy by a lady who had learnt some Watsu in Italy. My experience was only very short but so profound that I knew I wanted to follow the Watsu path. My training has taken me to Byron Bay, Cairns and India so far and will continue to entice me all over the world. It is with great passion that I offer this very gentle and healing experience to women in Brisbane.
Watsu is very much like massage, but practiced in 33-35 degrees warm water. The body is gently twisted, stretched and wafted through water in graceful fluid movements. Tense areas release, limbs become fluid and joints loosen. During a session you experience yoga like stretches that help relieve back, neck and hip distress. You will be supported to float weightlessly (sometimes with floats wrapped above or below the knees to aid buoyancy). Your eyes and nose remain out of the water.
Aquatic Bodywork incorporates a combination of modalities called Healing Dance and Water Dance. The receiver wears a nose clip if he/she would like to experience the freedom of being worked on above & below the waters surface.
Watsu for pregnancy can help relax the lower back, remove tension and soothe away pain and stiffness in muscles and joints around the body from the extra daily weight being carried. It can also be a beautiful bonding experience for mum and bub. In Switzerland, Watsu is currently being practiced and researched for the purpose of pre-natal care.
* Induces/encourages flexibility
* Induces a quiet meditative stillness of blissful letting go & deep relaxation
* Reduces stress and anxiety levels
* Facilitates fuller, deeper breathing
* Improves sleep & digestion
* Creates a general sense of well being
Watsu can help with arthritis, back pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and chronic pain. Treatments can also be beneficial for children with special needs (eg. Autism, ADHD), the terminally ill, elderly folk and even babies.
I look forward to spending time in the water with you!

Linda Male







By The Sea Psychology

Hello, my name is Linda.
I’m a Mother, a Grandmother and a Psychologist.

I offer traditional counselling, walk and talk sessions on the beach and other nature-based therapies from my garden “office” at Womenspace!
I have a special interest in grief and loss, anxiety, depression, parenting, relationship issues and coping with life changes.

Sessions are bulk billed with a mental health referral from a GP.

Sarah Yip

Sarah Yip


The Numbers Queen


0408 898 028



Numerology By Sarah Yip

I’m a professional psychic, numerologist and 11:11 blogger. My mission is to transform the public’s perception of psychics, and their own intuition, from scepticism to trust. I love helping people to discover their life purpose, palmistry, and potential through readings and workshops. My site is and Facebook page is The Numbers Queen. SMS 0408 898 028 with queries or see my site for 150+ articles and bookings info.



Michelle Wilson


07 3357 7400


PO Box 446, Lutwyche



Chelle Corporation is an accounting practice operating from Lutwyche, Brisbane. The firm specialises in all manner of advice and compliance matters for small and medium businesses, together with individuals who operate self-managed superannuation funds, or who require taxation advice in relation to property or other investments.
Our strength is the personal service we are able to offer our clients, our attention to detail and our ethical base. We focus on financial education and always ‘start with the end in mind’, whether it be in discussing new or existing business structures or in estate and succession planning.
Melina Wales

Melina Wales




Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology Student

3269 9234 or 0414 297 595



De-stress, relax and unwind in a nurturing, peaceful environment.

* Massage Therapy

* Advanced Practitioner with The Liquid Crystals

* Reiki Teacher/Master

* Kinesiology Student – sessions available.

I am a caring, gentle soul who has a great deal of patience and compassion, so if you are in need of a gentle massage please come and see me…

Brighton/Sandgate area

For enquiries please phone Melina on 3269 9234 or 0414 297 595.


Dr. Brigitta Beer D Min BA BSW

Gestalt psychotherapist

07 3264 8145




Holistic Counsellor – Quit cigarettes in 60 minutes

Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner Law of Attraction and Energy Psychology

I have a commitment to help women to find their true potential and get rid of patterns no longer wanted, increase self esteem by working with Mind Body and Spirit.



Ludmila Doneman

Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship


07 3108 6077

0434 357 862



Ludmila Doneman’s working life has led her from the mainstream of a rich and critical theatre tradition in Central Europe to re-establishment and training in Australia, from student and ‘laboratory’ theatre in the 70’s into her continuing concern with community development, the arts and social-cultural animation. She is passionate about working with people whose voices are often unheard – young people, women, migrants, the elderly, and people with disabilities.


Her Curriculum Vitae demonstrates a breadth and depth of skills and experience which continues to inspire and enliven, and to ‘quicken’ community aspirations and goals. Her work has been concerned from the beginning with a practice of empowerment, the provision of infrastructure and method which, while perhaps not always as visible as ‘product’, helps make for continuity and sustainability. Her recent projects focus on discovering new pathways with women who are at the point of drafting the ‘third act of their lives’.


Ludmila is the co-director of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship, an innovative business training and coaching company for startup and established business owners, sole traders, entrepreneurs and community organisations that provides ‘just in time’ training, hands-on tools, and ongoing support to plan, start, effectively manage and grow businesses, community organisations and enterprises.

PO Box 3, Sandgate Qld. 4017


Stefanie C Roth

Dialogue Facilitator and Workplace Coach

0422 548 056





SeeSide Dialogue

I have created SeeSide Dialogue to facilitate mutual understanding and collaboration for all of those who want to interact in peace and harmony with their friends and loved ones.  As a dialogue facilitator, I help people who suffer from getting caught in distressing and upsetting interactions.  How?  I teach a type of self-talk that stops the negative energies, which create arguments, and strengthens the sources for positive energies in us.  We simply feel better when we master the art of engaging in dialogues as a dance of listening and talking in balanced two-way communication and mindfulness.  Please check out my website for services and more details about myself: .

I am also a trainee in voice dialogue facilitation (refer ) and invite you as a volunteer (free of charge) to explore with me this powerful and empowering process for developing self-awareness.


“Stefanie has an amazing sensitive, sharp intelligence. In my sessions with her I felt a great sense of trust and safety.  I have never met a coach or woman who has such a brilliant ability to listen completely openly yet quickly assimilate all the information I give her and then identify the underlying important issues to work on at that time. Her clarity and attentiveness is inspiring.” (Sasha Giffard, Tewantin)